Keng Choon & Meisin’s Wedding at CHIJMES Singapore


Keng Choon Mei Sin CHIJMES Singapore Wedding Photography

According to their love story. Keng Choon is a shy person and Mei Sin is relatively an out-going type. Their love-dating journey together might not be long one but I felt the strength of their love toward each other. This proved that time is not a matter in a relationship but quality moment when they are together do counts.

The gatecrashing session is super entertaining and some crazy dancing by groomsmen. My favourite moment from the morning was when the groom sees his soon-to-be wife for the first time.

Their solemnisation and wedding with Sword Bearers Ceremony took place at CHIJMES, Singapore. It is an absolutely stunning venue to host a wedding! And I can’t wait to shoot more weddings in this venue in the future 🙂

To share such a beautiful day with Keng Choon & Mei Sin was something I will never forget. I had so much fun when documenting their story.

So I hope you enjoy this amazing Keng Choon & Mei Sin’s wedding too! It was a wonderful day to photograph them.

Thank you Keng Choon & Mei Sin for engaging me to be part of your amazing wedding day.

Contemporary heartfelt wedding photography by William @ Maplestills

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