Kai Siong & Doris’s Wedding at Mandarin Orchard Singapore


Kai Siong Doris Mandarin Orchard Singapore Wedding Photography

Kai Siong & Doris both decided to wear the Chinese traditional wedding attire for the morning session. Gorgeous Doris wears a red and golden colored Long Feng Gua which is a two-piece wedding dress adorned with a dragon and phoenix. For the groom, he wears a black silk coat embroidered with a dragon.

The day started with the gatecrashing. The fun games organised by bridesmaids and the hilarious and entertaining groomsman, filled the hallway with laughters in the early morning. You can feel the excitement of Kai Siong when he first see his beautiful bride Doris. They are such kind souls with pure love for each other. I instantly felt love at that wonderful moment of time. I absolutely love it!

The holy matrimony of Kai Siong & Doris took place in the Church of the Sacred Heart, Singapore. The Church of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1910, it is a Roman Catholic church in Singapore. Doris in her beautiful wedding gown looked so feminine as she walked with her father in arm down the aisle to meet her handsome groom. The church ceremony was truly a celebration of love and remembrance.

Their wedding celebration was held at Mandarin Orchard Singapore. It was a Military-styled wedding. The march in of the couple under the arch of swords is a tradition symbolic act that signifies safe passage for the newlyweds into their life together.

With gourmet food and gentle music, together with the happy chatter of friends and family, it was a relaxed afternoon. And it was nothing short of tearful touching speeches and great moments to photography on their wedding.

I am incredibly honoured to have documented your wedding day, and what a day it was! Thank you Kai Siong and Doris for engaging me to be part of your amazing wedding day.

Contemporary heartfelt wedding photography by William @ Maplestills

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