Darren & Angel’s Wedding at One Farrer Hotel

Darren Angel One Farrer Hotel Singapore Actual Day Wedding Photography

With Darren and Angel, I felt love in the most genuine way.

On this extraordinary day that I have the pleasure of capturing their wedding, I find the opportunity to become more acquainted with, as well as recount the narrative of two individuals who came into one another’s lives which is as it should be. When you adore somebody, everything about the world is somewhat more splendid, and the delight that Darren and Angel share was obvious in each snap. The open, regular setting and delicate light provided by their scene, just enhanced the magnificence of their unique day.

While wedding merriments positively spin around those idiom “I do,” the extraordinary occasions at last join two groups of friends and families together. That is the reason I particularly love catching these wedding moments of their bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and grandparents. The wedding day’s celebrations at One Farrer Hotel were particularly sweet during their speech on stage when they got the opportunity to appreciate the love of their parents and wonderful effort putted in by helpers.

Thank you Darren & Angel for engaging me to take part in your amazing wedding day.

Contemporary heartfelt wedding photography by William @ Maplestills

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